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The One Minute Minister:
Restoring Spirituality
to Time Management

David Kueker
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ONCE UPON A TIME there was a man who was a minister who
had lost touch with the meaning of life. This seems impossible
because ministers are in charge of the meaning of life, but
nonetheless, it happened to him.
     He had graduated from Seminary 20 years before and
worked hard within the system. He had been promoted to
increasingly more challenging positions. He had volunteered
the little free time he had each week in working as a volunteer
in his denomination and in the community.
     He had done everything he was supposed to do, and it
wasn't working.
     So he worked even harder, assuming that the problem
was a lack of effort and that, by sheer investment of energy,
he could break through the walls which seemed to enclose
him. He would prowl through the bookstores buying manuals
on time management, success and motivation. He felt envious
and angry toward colleagues who seemed to him to be less
talented but achieved more in their work. He spoke less and
less with his wife about what he was feeling because he did
not like her answers.
     He came home tired and couldn't sleep. He would rise in
the night and channel zap through 133 channels on his cable
TV, looking for something that could hold his interest.
     One night when he came back to bed, his wife woke up
and she sleepily began to pat him the shoulder and murmur
into his ear: "It will be OK, honey, it will be OK."
     He began to cry. She woke up and comforted him, and he
couldn't stop crying.
     After about an hour she whispered the words into his ear
that would change their lives...