Unit One Materials
Unit 1 Miller lecture
Unit 1 Ogden Lecture
Unit 1 Kueker Lecture
Unit 1 Kueker Systemic Problems Lecture
Abstract/Table of Contents
Unit Two Materials
Unit 2 Kueker Yongii Cho Successful Home Cell
Unit 2 Kueker When Discipleship System
Overwhelms Worship Capacity
Unit 2 Kueker Fourfold Ministry Pattern and
Micro Differences
Unit 3 materials
Kueker Lecture Unit 3 Introduction
Kueker Lecture Unit 3 Beckham
Kueker Lecture Unit 3 Neighbour
Linowes Summary of Crossing the Chasm
Peter Koh The Cell Group Structure an
Unit 4 Materials
Lecture Unit 4 Introduction to the Second Wave
Excerpt by Joel Comiskey: Bethany World
Prayer Center in 1996
Excerpt by Joel Comiskey: The Pure Cell Model
Compared With the Metachurch Model
Lecture Unit 4 An Overview Of Joel Comiskey's
Lecture Unit 4 Introducing the G12
Lecture Unit 4 Second Wave Discipleship
Stockstill: Preparing for Your Encounter
Unit 5: Willow Creek, Saddleback, Ginghamsburg
Lecture Unit 5 Willow Creek
Lecture Unit 5 Saddleback
Lecture Unit 5 Ginghamsburg
Question: Are Willow Creek, Saddleback and
Ginghamsburg cell churches?
Excerpt by Joel Comiskey: Willow Creek,
Saddleback and the Metachurch Model
Unit 6: Church Planting Movements
Introduction to Unit 6: Church Multiplication
Lecture Unit 6: My Experience with CPMs
Thom Black: Revolution Trends (George Barna)
Unit 7: Is Wesley a Cell Church?
Joel Comiskey on Methodism
Unit 7 John Wesley
Maucaulay on George Fox
Pragmatic Obedience
Lecture Unit 7 Prairie DNA
Lecture Unit 7 Faith Community
Lecture Unit 7 Was Early Methodism a Cell
Unit 8 materials
Lecture Unit 8 What We Can Learn From the Cell
Book List for Major League Disciple Making