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                Thom Black
Revolution: A New Breed of Christ Followers
National House Church Conference
          Denver, Colorado
Saturday, September 3, 2005, 9:00-11 am.

This audio presentation by Thom Black,
associate of George Barna, speaks about
the "revolutionary" change that is occurring
in the Church. It was recorded at the 2005
National House Church Conference in
Denver prior to the publication of George
Barna's book

The presentation describes trends that
bring warning of a potential massive
exodus of highly committed church
members from all churches, including the
superstar evangelical megachurches, by
the year 2020. If trends continue, only a
third of highly committed Christians will
practice their faith within a local church.

We believe that the
network base design
approach to church described on the
Disciplewalk website can meet the spiritual
needs that drive this exodus.