Research by George Barna shows that only 17% of church attenders participate in Sunday School, bible study
or any learning event outside of worship.  If children are naturally curious, then spiritual children will be found in
the learning playgrounds of Sunday school or other opportunities for learning and growth. Therefore, the spiritual
developmental level of 83% of church attenders is no more than that of a spiritual infant.

Spiritual children are found in groups that offer learning opportunities. Child stage characteristics include being
playful, curious, asking questions, wanting to be “big” and to explore but stay in touch. Basic lessons in the child
stage include learning manners, obedience, rules and good behavior. The primary learning tool for child level
disciples will be to read and learn scripture, and particularly the teachings of Jesus is the Gospels.

The indicator of readiness to move spiritually from Child to Teen level is less pleasant and typically restlessness,
dissatisfaction, and the feeling that something more is needed. They have mastered this level and
are now looking for something more challenging; provide them with that challenge.
The Curious Child

"Where did the Sears
Tower come from?"

"Why do we have to
wear seat belts?"

Do you know a child
who is full of questions?

Young children are
naturally curious.

They believe parents,
caregivers, and teachers
know a lot about the world.
Asking questions and
listening to answers
are vital to their learning.
The way you respond can
affect what and how
a child learns.

- - - Illinois Early Learning
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Quote from

Barna Research Source:  Greg Ogden,
Discipleship: Making Disciples A Few At A Time
(Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2003), page 26.

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In the bucket, a fish is swimming in slow, lazy circles.
When is the last time you had a question
and found it hard to wait for an answer?