PARABLE: Modern Variations on the Great Commission.

Experts have considered updating the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to be more
realistic, relevant and descriptive of how churches actually organize their work today. Please
consider which of the adaptations below most fits the way your church actually implements
the Great Commission.

1. Huh?
2. Let us go to disciple making worship and hear the excellent teaching.
3. Great singing, great choir, great sermon; who could ask for anything more?
4. Go see the people you already know. Learn about church activities.
5. Go among your neighbors, showing love, demonstrating who Jesus is.
6. Go far away to strangers you will never see again; make a bold witness of your
 awesome personal faith to a standing ovation.
7. Go, feed the hungry and thirsty, baptize them. Repeat.
8. Go, baptize them.
9. Go out to the highways and hedges, and compel people to come in, that my
 house may be filled.
10. Open the doors wide for the spiritually and physically hungry to join us at the
11. Don’t go, sit. It will be over soon for another week.
12. Make church members. Teach them in Sunday school.
13. Give so that missionaries can go, evangelists can make disciples and Sunday
 school teachers can teach them.
14. Don’t go. Don’t make disciples. Don’t baptize them. Don’t observe all that Jesus
15. Come. Be highly committed; serve the Lord with gladness. Bring a covered dish.
16. Go, form committees. Involve the lost. Keep them busy until they resemble us.
17. Go, as you’re gifted. Make disciples among your neighbors. Love them, help
 them worship, grow in faith and find their calling.
18. Go, make disciples. There’s another typo in the bulletin.
19. What this place needs is a lot more activity.
20. Go, fix up the building. Refinish the baptismal font. Make it pretty, as Jesus
21. Love one another. Consider alternatives, but don’t rock the boat.
22. Go. Learn about all Jesus taught. Study it again in greater depth.
23. We’re short on help again this year for the chicken noodle dinner.
24. Love the new carpet in the sanctuary. Won’t be able to pay apportionments
 again this year.
25. Go. Go, go. Go, go, go. Go, go, go, go . . .
Which statement above offends you most
(your sacred cow)?

Which statement above amuses you most
(someone else’s sacred cow)?

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These things I have spoken to you,
that my joy may be in you, and that
your joy may be full. This is my
commandment, that you love one
another as I have loved you.

Jesus in John 15:11-12  
From Seminar One: Diagnosis