Rigid Container  
(Clean, Sterile, Nice, Pretty)
Unable to Reproduce
Body of Christ,
living within institution
(Messy, Alive, Not as Pretty)
Able to Reproduce.
"Disciple making institution" is an oxymoron.

The church with an institutional worldview fails to
thrive because it is more focused on rebuilding the
temple, an unchanging institution, than on providing
the spiritual nurture necessary to make disciples who
make disciples who make disciples.  Cups do not
make coffee; institutions do not make disciples.  
It is sheep that make sheep.

This nurture requires personal sacrifice.  The
transition to spiritual nurturing involves moving from
an exciting but shallow ministry with many people to
calm, deeply nurturing relationships with just a few
people who have names.

These people who have names are called disciples.

Jesus indicated in John 2:19-22 his intention to
replace the temple, an institution, with the body of
Christ, a relational disciple-making network.
The potential threat to the institutional temple is the
motivation for his  execution.

--- Seminar One,

Snail photos courtesy of Lisa Danilko.
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Coffee without a cup is a mess.
A cup without coffee is just empty.