Resources Used at Wisconsin Rapids Workshops
October 2009
October 9-10, 2009
Event Brochure
Event Description
Center for Parish Development Church Growth Principle
Handout: Chaplain Base Design vs. Program Base Design
Systems:  Senge's "Limits to Growth" & Rogers' "Diffusion of Innovations"
Handout: The Rabbi's Gift Exercise
YouTube Video: Cat Herders
Handout: Terminology for Dysfunctional Family Systems
Handout - Diffusion of Innovations Parables
Free Advice on Congregational Change and Conflict
Discipleship Systems - the JUMP Disciple Making System
The Prayer Tool - a Spiritual Discipline of Prevenient Grace
How Yoido Church Makes Disciples
How Church Planting Movements Make Disciples
Church Planting Movement Discipleship System Graphic
YouTube Video Link: Cardboard Testimonies
How Neil Cole Makes Disciples
Leadership Journal Article on Two Methods of Church Planting - Neil Cole & Ed Young
Bibliography for Major League Disciplemaking