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Highland Hope 1-14-2012: "The Prayer Tool Part 1"      Audio     Slides
Highland Hope 2-18-2012: "The Prayer Tool Part 2"      Audio     Slides
JUMP Group Disciple Making System (includes Prayer Tool)    Download Brochure
Highland Hope Powerpoint: "Pentecost Ready" for 7-14-12
August 4 Power point slides  (right click, save target as to download)
August 4 first video 1978 Country Time Lemonade Commercial
August 4 end video Cardboard Testimonies Word of Life Hendersonville TN
Kaskaskia River District Training - Helping My Small Church Grow - January 2015
Opening Presentation Slides:   PDF    PPT
Presentation # 1 of 6 - The Lost Harvest - Slides:   PDF    PPT
Presentation # 3 of 6 - The Prayer Tool - Slides:   PDF    PPT
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