Resources for Lay Speakers
Resources for Lay Servants
The history of the United Methodist Church is one of laity being equipped and sent into ministry to fulfill a calling from God.  These ministries
historically ranged from class leaders to lay preachers and exhorters.  Today they include a variety of ministries within local churches, plus lay
speakers, lay missioners, lay ministers, part-time local pastors and full-time local pastors.

I believe that the quality of these lay ministries are crucial for the future of the United Methodist Church.  These resources for district and conference
lay speaking programs are based on the research for the Doctor of Ministry project in disciple making and organizational change available on this
website. I pray that these resources will be helpful to lay speaking programs everywhere.     

This page is under construction and will include material from the Mississippi River District Lay Speaking program as well as my own
work.                                                                                                                                                                                                  David Kueker
Kaskaskia River District POLITY Advanced Class 13/31/19 - PDF Slides
Kaskaskia River District POLITY Advanced Class 13/31/19 - Powerpoint (to create your own version)
Most Recent Mississippi River District Basic Lay Speaking Course Syllabus
Celebration Service date: 2 pm, March 17, 2013 at Edwardsville Immanuel UMC, 800 N Main St, Edwardsville, IL.
Monroe's Mountain (Sermon preparation tool based on Monroe's Motivated Sequence)
Monroe's Mountain - Slides from class presentation
Alan Monroe's Motivated Sequence Handout (courtesy of Ron St. John, University of Hawaii)
Lay Speaking Report Tutorial (from
Lay Speaking Application (first time - from
Lay Speaking Renewal Form (from
Myers Briggs Types:  Article                                      Tests:  Keirsey            Barron-Tieger              Humanmetric
Read the 2012 Book of Discipline Online
Life Cycle of a Disciple (four corners/five stages) Presentation    Slides
Life Cycle of a Disciple Discussion Questions handout
Highland Hope 1-14-2012: "The Prayer Tool Part 1"      Audio     Slides
Highland Hope 2-18-2012: "The Prayer Tool Part 2"      Audio     Slides
JUMP Groups: Life Transformation Groups for United Methodists
DISCIPLE MAKING 101 - Provided by Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College - Online course description
DISCIPLE MAKING 101: A WORKBOOK (printed book version of the class)
Ascending Grace - information on a novel on how to used the JUMP groups to make disciples and disciple makers.
A place for discussion on Facebook:  David Oliver Kueker  and Making Disciples