Resources for Lay Speakers
Lay Speakers are a significant resource for the future
of the United Methodist church.
Resources for Walk to
Emmaus Communities

The Fifth Day Retreat is not another walk; it is a means to remember our original Walk to Emmaus, strengthen
our faith as disciples and learn to serve as disciple makers. These files that help teams prepare to present a
Fifth Day Retreat are a work in progress; your feedback is appreciated.

Click on the links below to open the files in Adobe Acrobat Reader EXCEPT the word processing files; instead,
try this:  
Right click on the link and select "Save Target As." When the file box opens, notice folder where the file
will be saved. Click save.
The file should be saved to your computer where you can start it as you normally would
with your word processor.                                                                                 David Kueker

PS: It is important to note that these materials arise out of the Illinois Prairieland Walk to Emmaus Community in
response to a perceived need to blend the tradition of sponsorship with a more intentional approach to making
disciples and disciple makers within our community. The materials are shared on this website for any who might
find them of benefit, and for easier download by persons within our community preparing for a Fifth Day Retreat.
The terms
Emmaus or Walk to Emmaus are used for convenience to describe our common experience of
participating in a weekend under the guidance of The Upper Room Walk to Emmaus.
NONE of the materials
below have any relationship, recommendation, approval, affiliation or endorsement by The Upper Room
Walk to Emmaus, officially or unofficially
. They do intend to be an entirely personal contribution by the author
to an ongoing conversation within the communities operating under the guidance of The Upper Room Walk to
Emmaus, and with respect shown to the work and policy of The Upper Room Walk to Emmaus.